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Why Join Us?


We inspire, challenge and care for all children. 

We provide an engaging curriculum which centres around our key drivers - Inspiration, Aspiration, Adventure, Healthy Body and Healthy Mind, Respect and Growth Mindset.

We have a dedicated and committed staff team with a child-centered approach.

Our spacious, beautiful grounds including an Adventure Garden and Forest School space allow us to embed quality outdoor learning opportunities into our curriculum.

A safe, caring and happy environment, which recognises and actively promotes children's emotional wellbeing, happiness and social development.

We are a thriving school at the heart of the community, working in close partnership with our parents and local schools to ensure the success of our children and support their continued learning journey.

We encourage and challenge our children to be passionate about learning. 

We provide enrichment opportunities to help raise aspirations, develop passions and create lifelong memorable experiences.

What do people think of our school?

It’s always great to hear positive things from visitors to Burnopfield Primary School. Here, we celebrate some of the wonderful comments made about our school.

Investing in Children

In July 2022, we received our re-evaluation for membership to the Investing in Children Award Scheme. We are proud to announce that we remain a member of the Investing in Children Membership Award Scheme!

Read the full report here

A letter from Robin Walker MP (Minister of State for School Standards)

"I was particularly interested to hear about your model of headship and how your school has responded in the wake of the pandemic. It was inspiring to hear how impactful Katie, your academic mentor, has been."

"I have since spoken about your school in the House of Commons during a recent debate, as I was impressed by the inclusive culture you have promoted, and particularly enjoyed seeing your early years students enjoy music and dance."


Lockdown 2020-21

In March, Boris Johnson announced, “I must give the British people a very simple instruction – you must stay at home.” Within a few days, Burnopfield Primary School became a much quieter place, open to the children of key workers throughout the lockdown period.

During this time, we received lots of positive comments from parents and we would love to share them with you:

Thank you all for your continued amazing efforts, positivity, creativity, flexibility and care. We are so grateful to be part of such a wonderful school community!

I could not be happier and so incredibly grateful for all of the support of absolutely everyone staff and everything for all the support honestly am sooo humbled so so humbled xxx

Huge thanks to Burnopfield primary school for everything they have done. Such wonderful teachers xx

“There is a great range of activities which my son is enjoying.  Thank you.  Emails are responded to very quickly and communication is fantastic.  Staff are brilliant and nothing is ever too much trouble.” 

“Although my daughter is in school most of the time, when she has needed home learning, it's been readily available, clearly explained and delivered with huge smiles and enthusiasm. She's incredibly happy when she's in school too despite the strange circumstances and that is thanks to the amazing staff. Thank you all.”

“Good communication with both pupils and parents, regular online sessions with pupils, good amount of work set and if pupils are struggling ,teachers are quick at replying and they go into detail explaining how to complete work.” 

“My child loves seeing his teachers and they always speak to each and everyone each session. It’s fabulous.”

“Content and teaching during online lessons is great, in addition to the 1 to 1 Google meets if the children are struggling.”

“If the school is continuing to provide the support that we have received so far and during last year I think the staff are doing a fantastic job at adapting and overcoming all the obstacles coming their way”

"We want to thank the staff for all you are doing in school and at home.”

-Year 6 parent

"Thank You for making N’s time in school fulfilling and enjoying, he has made fantastic progress even though his time at school did not end as we thought.”                     -Year 6 parent

"Thanks for all your hard work helping E settle back into school.”

-Year 6 parent

"I want to thank you for everything you did during lockdown, teachers don’t get the credit they deserve.”

-Year 4 parent

Just wanted to thank you, C absolutely loves you and loves coming to school which is half the battle. The help and support which you give her is greatly appreciated.”

-Year 5 parent

You guys are amazing as individual teachers and as part of the lovely school!”

-Year 3 parent

Team Burnopfield we 💖you!! At all times you have been calm in the chaos and the communication between home and school has been phenomenal. The greatest strength of any organisation is its people - staff, parents and all the lovely children - and what a fantastic team we have in Burnopfield. Please look after yourselves too, I'm pretty sure that at times when you feel low the children would be happy to talk to YOU all in a meet. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK! Thank you as always 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

“It is very helpful that worksheets linked to remote learning are being provided in advance and that planning is shared the day before allowing us to be prepared at home.”  

“There is a smooth transition from school learning to home learning which is great. Thanks again for all your hard work. It really is appreciated.”

“The teachers are doing an amazing job at keeping the children engaged. Work is interesting and achievable. Children know to use the hand up button if they wish to speak and they enjoy all sessions. All work is available to complete online and slides are easily accessible and editable. Both teachers have been fabulous!”

“Responding to the work always gives my child a boost. There are clear resources and support for children.”

“Burnopfield positivity and school spirit is still there even remotely. It’s lovely.”

The work set provides a suitable level of challenge and a variety of tasks to keep things interesting.  The Google meets are superb and provide entertainment for my child as well as education. Excellent feedback on all work. Brilliant support and communication, and suggestions and questions are always listened to and acted on where necessary. The guided reading sessions are also excellent. It is crystal clear to see how dedicated and committed the staff are to the education and well being of both the children and the parents. Thank you.”

"I wish all teachers showed the passion and commitment yours do”

-Year 1 parent

"We would like to say how brilliant the school has been in this situation (lockdown) with regards to supporting parents and children and your interaction via email and Twitter.”

- Nursery parent

"We really achieve everything here and we love our school, thank you for everything you have done!”

-Year 3 parent

We think Burnopfield School has done an amazing job keeping key workers’ children safe at this time!”

-Year 4 parent

Thanks for everything you have done to help our children and keep them safe.”

-Year 5 parent

"You have set my child up to embrace school and love learning.”

-Year R parent

Healthy Schools Award!

We are proud to announce that we have achieved the Healthy Schools award!

Dear Mrs Errington

Congratulations on validating your Healthy Schools Status using the School Health Check tool, indicating that your school has self-evaluated whole school health. This demonstrates that your school is continuing to embed and improve provision against the four core areas of Healthy Schools.

This status is valid for three years before re-validation is necessary (July 2019 – 2022). In the meantime, we do recommend that you update the School Health Check on an annual basis.

I attach a logo for you to use on your school paperwork and website. You will also receive a certificate in the post. We look forward to supporting you as you continue to improve health and wellbeing in your school.

Thank you for your school’s ongoing commitment to support this important agenda for children and young people.

Yours sincerely


Sheryll Carter

Healthy Schools Advisor

Top 1% of Primary Schools for Mathematics

In February 2019, we received a letter from Damien Hinds, Secretary of State for Education and Nick Gibb, Minister of State for School Standards, congratulating us on our results for mathematics. In the Key Stage 2 results last year, 100% of our children reached or exceeded the expected standard for mathematics. This put us in the top 1% of schools in England!

Damien Hinds and Nick Gibb Letter


On 19th December 2018, we received a letter from Julien Kramer, Head of Education and Skills, Children and Young People Services. He congratulated us on the outcome from our recent inspection on 27th November. We are so proud to receive such positive comments.

Julien Kramer Ofsted Letter

Exceptional Outcomes

On 18th December 2018, we received a letter from Margaret Whellans, Corporate Director of Children and Young People’s Services. She wanted to commend us on our exceptional outcomes, particularly the number of children exceeding expected standards.

Margaret Whellans Letter

Chronicle School Ratings

We are very proud of our 5 star rating from the Chronicle!

Caroline O’Neill – Head of Education

In March 2017, we received a letter announcing that our school achieved the SSAT National Award standard for Children’s Attainment – top 20% and Children’s Progress – top 10%. This was then acknowledged by Caroline O’Neill, the Head of Education for Durham County Council. She wanted to pass on her personal congratulations for the award.

SSAT Award Letter

Nick Gibb – Minister of State for School Standards

In February 2017, we received a wonderful letter, congratulating both children and staff on the very high levels of progress made by pupils in the school. It stated that our results put us amongst the top 3% of schools in England in terms of the progress made between key stage 1 and key stage 2. Fantastic news!

Nick Gibb Letter

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