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Groups & Council

School Council

At Burnopfield Primary we take British Values very seriously, and part of our instilling of these values in our children begins with the school council.


No matter what year our children are in, the process of becoming a council member is the same. Children who would like to be their class councillor must put their name forward and talk their friends through the reasons why they believe they would be the most fitting representative. After that, we have a blind vote.


The children love this process, and it’s a great example of just one of the ways we bring the importance of democracy into the school.


Once elected, councillors meet with the council leaders every half term or so. These sessions are often child-led, with them voicing their own issues and proposing what the council could do in order to help. In the past, the School council led an assembly all about keeping safe and launched a Pantosaurus competition. We’ve had cake sales and ran themed days to raise money for various things in school - including sports equipment and our forest school - and we’ve even met real, live politicians!

Mini Police

The Mini Police scheme is an interactive volunteering opportunity for our Year 5 and 6 children which follows a 3 step approach Education, Community and Reward.


It was set up to introduce children to a positive, enriching experience of policing and to get them involved in the local community.


In our school, Mr Gord delivers education on policing priorities which the Mini Police share with the rest of the school, through workshops and assemblies. 

The children also work with Apprentice Youth Workers who support specific areas that they feel their community needs. They then become involved with those community activities to enhance community confidence and pride.


To become a member of the Mini Police, children apply for a position and need to demonstrate skills such as;

  • Follow duty rota to support on school yards

  • Show Respect to everyone

  • Respect the school 

  • Be an inspirational role model

  • Have a Growth mindset

  • Support teachers in school

  • Support children in school

  • Make sure everyone has a friend

  • Report any issues immediately 

  • Remain calm in challenging situations

  • Work in a team

  • Solve problems and have good negotiating skills

  • Be committed

  • Have fun


All Mini Police are trained in using the Restorative Approach, which all adults use in school. They use this approach when they are doing their duties on the school yards to support the children and adults.


The Mini Police attend a weekly after school club to be educated in new topics, such as; Anti-social Behaviour, Clever Never Goes, Equality and Diversity, Trust and Tell etc. They then discuss how they are going to share the information with the rest of the school and create resources to enable this.

During the sessions they share good practice and support each other giving advice on how to deal with situations they have encountered that week. 


As a reward for their hard work, they get to visit different areas of Durham Constabulary, such as the Control Room, the Centre of Excellence and a custody suite. 

Reading Champions Group

At Burnopfield Primary School we love reading and we aim to give our children a love of reading and books. To promote reading, we have a Reading Champions group with representatives from each year group in school. To be a member of the group children have to love reading and have to want to share that with other children.

The group meets regularly and talks about all things reading. 

In the past we have: 

  • Organised book sales.

  • Chosen books to buy for classes and the library.

  • Organised reading events and competitions.

  • Organised events for World Book day.

  • Told other children about books and what the group has been doing in their classes and in assemblies. 


Each half term we send out a reading newsletter - Burnopfield Loves Books. This has news about reading activities in school and book recommendations. Children in the Reading Champions group contribute to the newsletter and enjoy recommending books they have enjoyed to others. 

So if you love reading or want to request certain books for our school library - talk to a Reading Champion!

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Eco Warriors

In school we have a team of Eco Warriors that have been responsible for thinking of ways to make our school more Eco friendly. Our group meets once every half term to discuss ideas and plan activities to help our school.


We have held assemblies about the importance of picking up litter, held competitions and have taken part in a project run by Durham County Council.


Our group has helped the school to achieve the Bronze level of the Eco Schools award which we are very proud of.


SNAG group is a group where pupils share their thoughts and ideas about food and nutrition within school.


Representatives are able to take ideas from their peers about the food available to them in school.


Children are able to make suggestions not only about the actual food but also how to make lunchtime an enjoyable time for everyone. In the past, children have taken surveys within their classes, created posters of lunchtime rules and healthy food and packed lunches, they have chatted with the cook and they have even taken some cookery classes!  

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