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Behaviour & Attitudes

At Burnopfield Primary School, we promote a friendly, happy and caring atmosphere within the school. The children are encouraged and taught to develop self-regulation and to show respect for others and their property. The school prides itself on its ethos ‘to inspire, challenge and care’. Within school, the children have rights and a responsibility to adhere to our Golden Rules.


In  2022 Ofsted stated “The school is a calm place where pupils are well behaved. The early years team makes sure that children learn to share and care for one another. Clear behaviour routines are in place across the school. Pupils are very enthusiastic about the behaviour reward system linked to prizes, and they are keen to impress their teachers.”


Our Rights

  • To be safe

  • To be happy

  • To learn

  • To be valued

Our Golden Rules

  • Follow instructions the first time

  • Keep hands and feet and objects to yourself

  • Speak to everyone with respect

  • Let everyone learn


Positive Behaviour 

At Burnopfield children are rewarded for positive choices and behaviour through a range of strategies; 

  • Positive comments and praise from all staff 

  • Certificates and stickers from your class teacher 

  • Certificate and stickers from SLT 

  • Responsibility i.e. Buddies, Monitors,

  • Recognition in the Friday letter

  • Recognition in Key Stage assemblies 

  • Recognition of progress through visits to other staff

  • Golden Time

  • Star Charts

  • Above and Beyond Headteacher Visit

  • Let Your Light Shine Award 


There may be times where children do not follow our Golden Rules, and sanctions may need to be used. These are split into three stages. 


  1. Classroom Teacher sanctions 

  2. Senior Leadership Team sanctions 

  3. Headteacher sanctions 

For more information please visit our policies page and read our Behaviour Policy. 

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