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School Lunches

Our school meal provider is Chartwells. We also use a system called Cypad which helps children to make their choices when they arrive at school in the morning. Once their choice has been made, it is fed automatically to the kitchen so that when the children arrive in the dinner hall, they are reminded of their meal choice and it is served to them by the kitchen staff. 

To find out more about Chartwells, visit their website or contact the school catering team.
If your child has a food allergy or intolerance and you would like to discuss this, please email the Chartwells medical diet nutrition team directly via this email address.

School meals must be paid for via Parent Pay

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SNAG - School Nutrition Action Group

​SNAG group is a group where pupils share their thoughts and ideas about food and nutrition within school. Representatives are able to take ideas from their peers about the food available to them in school and share them with our amazing school cook and even Chartwells. Children are able to make suggestions not only about the actual food but also how to make lunchtime an enjoyable time for everyone. In the past, children have taken surveys within their classes, created posters of lunchtime rules and healthy food and packed lunches, they have chatted with the school cook and they have even taken some cookery classes! 

Packed Lunches

If you have chosen to put your child on packed lunches can we remind you of the school policy on packed lunches. We are a healthy school and must follow government guidelines for any food consumed in school. Your child must bring in a healthy packed lunch. Fizzy pop, chocolate bars and sweets are forbidden (this includes fruit winders and long jellied fruit sweets).  We have discussed at length with Chartwells about biscuits and have decided that the children may bring one chocolate covered biscuit or piece of cake but this must not be a chocolate bar. Children may also bring one bag of crisps. For more information on packed lunches please read our packed lunch policy.

Medical special diet request

We know that feeding children with food allergies or intolerance can cause a lot of anxiety for both parents and schools. That’s why Chartwells have implemented a market-leading allergens process, and make sure every step is taken to ensure that our students can enjoy
school meals safely with their friends.

More information on their medical diet process can be found here.
(Email address is

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