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At Burnopfield, we recognise the importance of school sport, physical activity and physical exercise. One of our key mottos throughout school is 'Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds' and we strive to ensure that children recognise the importance of this link by regular physical activity and RSEH lessons.

During their time at school, children will be given the chance to develop their basic skills in a range of different physical activities. They will work on key skills and eventually develop these into team and competitive situations. Children will receive lessons in games, dance, gymnastics, OAA, swimming and athletics. 

Children will receive top quality PE lessons each week from our skilled teachers as well as being given the opportunity to work alongside qualified sports coaches. 

We relish any opportunity to take the children to local competitive events where they can compete against other local schools. Children are given the opportunity to try out for a range of teams and competitions during their time in school and we like all children to be given the opportunity to do this, whether it is in a whole class, team or individual situation.  In the past, we have enjoyed success in cross country running, netball and football. 

We want the children to enjoy PE and sport but also nurture the competitive elements. 

Each year, we arrange a health and fitness week which is designed to stress the importance of sport and physical activity but also to introduce the children to a range of unique and different sports such as tag rugby, taekwondo, skipping, hula hooping, aerobics and yoga. It is a highlight of our school calendar and one that the children and staff look forward to each year. 


We want the children to enjoy PE and sport and allow them to flourish whatever their ability. 

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