Year 5

Mrs Gray

My name is Mrs Gray. 

I have been a teacher for 8 years now. I went to Northumbria University and my first teaching job was at Burnopfield Primary. I have been teaching in year 5 for the last couple of years. 

I LOVE teaching year five. We learn lots of new things and have some of my favourite topics. In topic, we find out about The Ancient Maya and The Ancient Greeks (which is my favourite!) as well as some interesting Geography topics about the Americas. In science, you will find out all about Earth and Space and Forces. In Art, we learn about Salvador Dali and take inspiration from our topics to design and build Greek vases and model Parthenons! We also read some amazing books and tackle some new topics in maths. 

When you are in year 5, you will have more independence when you work. You will soon learn about my LOVE of beautiful presentation and I like you to be as creative as you can with lovely titles, bright colours and illustrations in your books. 

Year five is a great year and you start to take on new responsibilities as some of the oldest children in school. You will have the chance to join the mini police who help to look after children in both yards. 

I am in charge of PE across the whole school so I love to hear about all of your sporting achievements that you get up to outside of school. I really enjoy teaching PE-it is one of my favourite subjects to teach. I have a keen interest in football, I look after the school football team and enjoy watching football outside of school. I have a season ticket for Sunderland and have been to more or less every game since I was 8 years old. 

You will hear lots about my dog Paisley throughout the year. She is a three year old cocker spaniel and I always have a tale to tell about what she gets up to, which is usually pinching socks!! I love going out for long walks with her on a night and on the weekend. She keeps me so busy as she has so much energy. One thing you will also learn about me pretty quickly is how much I love all things Disney. You will be able to spot lots of different Disney items around my classroom-from my water bottle, to bags, to notebooks.

I am sure you will love being in year five. It really is a great year which gets you ready for year 6 and beyond. 

Mrs Errington

Hi everyone,

I’m Mrs Errington. I have two young daughters and a very mischievous dog! We all love to be outdoors so we are always out and about, walking, exploring woodlands, climbing trees, splashing in streams and jumping in LOTS of muddy puddles. I love reading and I have read as much as possible recently, both for myself, my daughters and for my class so  I can help them find great books to enjoy! I love trying to find new and exciting novels to study in class and I love planning interesting lessons based around the books. I enjoy baking and like to make lots of tasty treats with my eldest daughter and hopefully, when restrictions ease, Year 5 can cook in class together and show off our lockdown skills!


I have been a teacher at Burnopfield for seven years now and I’ve been in year five for the last few years and I love it!  I am the science co-ordinator at school and I love teaching science- especially the experiments (because let’s face it- they’re the most exciting bit). I really enjoy planning science week in school when everyone comes together to celebrate science.  We usually have some guests visiting school who often conduct some noisy, exciting experiments - it often literally starts with a BANG!


Year 5 is such a great year in school.  We learn about lots of interesting topics including The Greeks, The Mayans, The Americas and our local history study: Gibside - which we will visit in summer.  We also learn about different artists like Salvador Dali as well as making Greek pottery and trying out some Mayan weaving. Because Mrs Gray is the PE co-ordinator, we also get to do lots of PE including outdoor, adventurous activities, football and athletics and we often have coaches for gymnastics, dance and cricket. Phew!  I think I might need a lie down!