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Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum

Welcome to Year 5, a wonderful place where our key word is exploration. This will be covered throughout the whole of the curriculum, which is detailed below. Enjoy!


English and Guided Reading will be taught each term through a novel. In the autumn term this will be Malamander by Thomas Taylor, an adventure story revolving around a mysterious sea creature. In the spring term, we will read the fantasy novel The Girl of Ink & Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave, and in the summer we will read Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend which is gothic fantasy full of magic, mischief and wonder.



In maths children will have all of their prior learning consolidated and refreshed, as well as being introduced to lots of new concepts such as fractions, decimals and percentages. Children will also spend time investigating shape and space, as well as learning how to calculate and measure angles. 



The year will begin with us asking the questions ‘What would an astronaut need to know in order to survive in space?’ and also ‘Is the force with you?’ before moving on in the spring to find out ‘Why have these materials been used?’. The year will finish up with us find out how all plants and animals start life. 



‘How can we learn about the past from the stories that we are told?’ is how we will begin our exploration of Ancient Greek culture, before moving on in the spring term to learn about ancient Maya civilisation.



In spring the children will be looking at the question ‘What would you need to know to conquer America’ and in the summer term we will be answering the age-old question ‘Mountains: Friend or foe?’ before moving on to finally decide ‘Why did the Bowes family settle at Gibside?’



In autumn the children will learn about Judaism before moving on to Christmas. In spring they will learn about Christianity and Easter, and in Summer they go back to Judaism and rituals.



Music this year will take us across the globe as the children learn about the origin and influence of

the blues, how to compose an Ancient Egyptian-style tune, as well as experience the wonder that is

musical theatre.



This year the children will cover a number of topics including: holidays, eating out, hobbies, school trips and the environment.



Art work in the autumn term will be inspired by ancient Greek art and sculpture, in the spring work will be based around Salvador Dali, and in the summer we will look at the work of Antony Gormley, creating sculptures inspired by the Angel of the North.



In DT this year, the children will be taking on a series of tasks that will test the skills they’ve learned

throughout the school so far. They’ll be building their own version of the Parthenon, investigating

how bridges work, and designing and making a fully-working pop-up book for younger children. They

will also be learning about nutrition and how to be mindful of it whilst cooking their own meals.



PE in Year 5 covers a wide variety of sports, skills and disciplines. The children will learn about

throwing, jumping and running, they will play dodgeball, badminton and rounders, as well as training

to be healthy, taking part in competitive athletics, and even more running. 

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