Hi everyone, 


My name is Mrs Ferris and I am the Nursery Teacher here at Burnopfield Primary School. I work in the Nursery with Mrs Quigley and we always have lots of fun.

This is my 14th year at this school and I still love it. I came here to teach in Reception class with Mrs Carson a long time ago, to cover for another teacher who was going off to have a baby, and I’ve just never wanted to leave!    

I am a fully qualified teacher and have a BA (Hons) degree in Primary Education from Northumbria University and I am also an Early Years Specialist. I am a member of the school leadership team and am Pastoral Leader for all the children, staff and parents. This means I am responsible for making sure that everyone is feeling ok and looking after themselves properly. If not then it is my job to help them to find a way to feel better. I am also anti-bullying coordinator so if needed, I can always help children find ways to get along better. Luckily, we already have some very secure incentives and strategies embedded at our school to encourage mutual respect and tolerance towards each other.

I have three grown up children of my own, one of whom has a little girl of his own, so that makes me a Grandma. You will definitely hear me talking about my grand-daughter when you are in Nursery because she is the same age as all of you and I’m very proud of her. We do lots of exciting things together and she likes to find out what we are doing in our Nursery. Her Granda and I love to take her for long walks in our local forest where we go searching for fairy doors and do other fun things. Hide and seek is our absolute favourite!  


Sometimes children (and their parents!) are a little bit nervous about starting Nursery for the first time. But try not to worry, we will always look after you and help you to settle in. Mrs Quigley and I are actually very nice and we’ve never had anyone who didn’t love coming to Nursery. Even those (parents and children) who are really tearful on their first day. Feel free to ask others who have already been to our Nursery and I’m confident they will tell you the same.


I have added some photos below so that you will be able to recognise us when you come to Nursery.

Mrs Ferris   xx

Nursery Admissions Form (NA1 Form)