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Year 1

Below is an outline of the topics we cover in Year 1 and an overview of the content of each topic.

Across the year we will read a variety of different class texts alongside picture books daily. Here are some of the books that we will cover throughout Year 1: Norman the slug with the silly shell, Grumpy Frog, The Marvellous Moon Map and A little bit brave. 



In Year 1 we will continue to learn our sounds through daily Phonics lessons following

our Phonics Scheme ‘Bug Club’. We will learn alternative graphemes to support our

reading and our spelling. We also use Spelling Shed to reinforce phonic work. Both Bug Club and Spelling Shed have pupil accounts that can be accessed at home.



Can we discover what school life was like in the past?


During this topic your child will learn to make comparisons between the past and the present, focussing on school life. They will be introduced to the concept of timelines and be able to recognise changes over time. Your child will also be introduced to compass directions and look at the land use around school.


Can we discover why castles were built?


During this topic your child will learn about the importance of castles in the past and key features of a range of castles. They will also learn about William the Conqueror as a famous person in History.



Can we discover if it is possible to go to the moon?


During this topic your child will learn all about the moon landing along with famous

astronauts including Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. We will also look at how the moon landings were made possible by famous Mathematicians including Katherine Johnson.



Can we discover what life is like at the seaside?


During this topic your child will learn key human and physical features of an area.

They will be looking at the location of a seaside on a map and will compare our

local area to a seaside town.

Physical Education

Please send your child into school at the start of the term with a PE kit. Throughout the year we will be covering skills in Dance ( themes: zoo, growing and heroes), Gymnastics, Games, Team Building and Health and Wellbeing. If your child has their ears pierced please send in some tape/plasters so that your child can cover their piercing for their PE lesson. 



Throughout the year your child will be introduced to a range of different artists and art from other cultures including Kandinsky, Aboriginal Art and Andy Goldsworthy. The children will develop a range of skills in drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and printing. They will be given opportunities to experiment in their own sketchbook and develop their ideas and creativity.



In Science, your child will cover a range of topics including Materials, Animals including Humans and Living Things. They will be introduced to a range of scientific vocabulary and learn the skills to work scientifically.

Religious Education

In RE your child will learn about religions including Christiantiy and Buddhism. They will look at the important celebrations in each religion. They will be given the opportunity to ask and answer questions including why is Jesus special? 



In RSHE lessons we cover Friendships, Families, Relationships, Being Safe and Physical and Mental Wellbeing. Your child will learn to understand how important it is to keep our mind and body healthy. They will also recognise the importance of respecting others even if they are different from themselves, linking with our school motto “All different, All equal”. 



Throughout the year, your child will learn about staying safe online and develop a range of skills with using technology including logging on, accessing documents, navigating around a computer screen and typing



In Music your child will listen to a range of songs and be introduced to a range of musical vocabulary including pulse, rhythm and pitch. They will develop their performance and listening skills and be given opportunities to compose their own music using a range of instruments.


Homework will be sent via email once a week. Please complete the tasks with your child at home and email the completed work back to your child’s teacher by the following week. The homework will be a mixture of Maths and English work and will consolidate the work from the previous week in school.

Reading Records

Reading Records will be sent home every night. Please sign them when you have heard your child read. It is lovely to see what they have been reading at home.

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