Miss Farries

Hello Everyone,
My name is Miss Farries. I am theEarly Years Leader, and Class Teacher of Reception Willow!


I have been teaching for 8 years and, let me tell you, time certainly flies when you’re having fun and learning at Burnopfield Primary School!


Before venturing down into Reception to teach my first Early Years class last year, I had the pleasure of teaching children in Year 1 for 7 years. I feel extremely lucky that my whole teaching career has been at Burnopfield Primary! I started my Burnopfield adventure whilst I was at Northumbria University with Mrs Gray!! My first Burnopfield experience was in Nursery with Mrs Ferris, where I completed my teacher training placement before becoming a full time member of staff in September 2012. When you find a school community like this one, you never leave!


I have 2 cats called Poot and Binks who love to come for morning cuddles, really I think they are just hunting for their breakfast. Poot has a special trick, he can do a high five! What a clever little cat!

One of my favourite things to do outside of school is to explore and go walking. I love nothing more than setting off on an outdoor adventure to discover new and exciting places. My weekends are usually spent walking in forests, climbing up hills, crouching in caves, and conquering many (small!) mountains. I just can’t help myself, I have to have my picture taken at the top of my latest conquests (even if they are just rocks!) All this conquering and exploring is perfect in helping me in my job as Geography Leader.

I love spending time with my family, and especially enjoy my weekly coffee get-togethers with my Mum and brother, they are just full of laughs.

During the Summer months I spend a lot of time camping or caravanning in the middle of a field, and have been lucky enough to visit many places in our country. Most of these trips involve many games of Scrabble, Uno and Heads Up (I’m only a little bit competitive!!)

I just love being part of Team Burnopfield! I hope you enjoy exploring our website and finding out more information about Reception and Early Years! 

Miss E Farries

EYFS Leader

Mrs Carson

I’m Mrs Carson and I work in Reception Class
. I have worked at the school for a long time (25 years+) and I love it here. Over the years, I have taught all of the age groups in school (except Nursery); I have worked in Reception for the last 11 years. Because I have been here so long, I know lots of families in Burnopfield and taught many of our current parents back in the day!

When I am not at school, my favourite thing to do is to spend time with my grandchildren, ages 4 and 2, and when I’m not with them I talk about them to anyone who will listen!! I love walking and going to the beach and often spend school holidays doing both of these things, either in Yorkshire or Scotland, and preferably with as many of my family and friends as I can!

Walnut is the name of our class – not sure how I feel about the name – but it won’t stop us having our usual fun! It’s really exciting to watch the children in my class learning – reading, writing, numbers and doing sums. I never get tired of the feeling of pride I get knowing I have helped children at the start of their educational journey. I love to watch their progress as they go through school and am always thrilled to see ex-pupils and parents around the village.


Mrs Carson