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Year 6


Welcome to Year 6! It’s a year of focusing, trying our best and working incredibly hard, but It’s also a year of becoming more independent in our learning, discovering new and interesting topics, having exciting experiences and, of course, enjoying lots of fun along the way. You will of course be learning lots of English and maths skills because Year 6 is an important year, but the most important thing you can do to improve this year is read, read, read! Reading will help you in every subject- even maths- and reading to an adult, being read to and discussing books will help you so much. Luckily, we have access to so many wonderful books in school- we are sure you can find lots to interest you! 


We start our year with the exciting topic of World War Two where you will get to learn more about the reasons for the war, key events in the war, some important figures and how the war affected people at home and abroad in different ways. We will cover key historical and geographical skills during this topic as we ultimately explore if learning about past wars can prevent wars from happening in the future. Our English texts are linked to WWII during Autumn Term and we will be able to write lots of interesting texts based around this topic using our prior knowledge. Other topics we cover include the River Tyne, where we will learn about the geography and history of our local area and will also conduct a field study; and we also learn about different areas of our world and the challenges facing our planet as well as what we can do to help!


In Science we cover topics such as light, electricity, animals including humans, evolution and inheritance and the human body. We get to carry out lots of different experiments and follow our own lines of enquiry and we will also be going on a science visit to develop our knowledge and understanding in this area. We will also be becoming engineers this year as we will be building and racing our electric cars again as well as designing bodywork to improve their appearance (and hopefully win a competition). We also have a few other Design and Technology projects in the pipeline to develop STEM in Year 6 too so watch this space!


In art we will be learning about pop art and will be studying the work of Roy Lichtenstein and we are able to design and create a clay comic book. In spring, we cover the art of Sarah Milburn, a local artist who even used to work in school and in summer term we explore collage and create our own pieces based on the skills we learn. In music we develop our musical skills including singing, composition and musical notation and of course, we finish our year by putting on a show for all of the parents to showcase all we’ve learned. 


In RE we cover caring about our environment and how different religions approach this topic; Christiantiy including important religious events such as Easter and the Bible. We also study Islam and key events. In RSHE we cover relationships and how to maintain healthy friendships, we look at body image, how to stay safe online and how to stay healthy.  We also look at some of these issues in computing as well as learning to code and developing our ICT skills. 


There are lots of opportunities for PE including tennis, dance, gymnastics, and cricket.  However, the most exciting sports we cover is during our residential where we get to try lots of outdoor and adventurous activities such as watersports, abseiling and lots of fun teamwork exercises. This year, we are heading to Lockerbie Manor in Dumfries and Galloway and it promises to be our most exciting adventure yet! 


Year 6 really is an exciting year: there are so many new things to learn and lots of opportunities to challenge yourself in new and interesting ways. We can’t wait to start on this new adventure with you- we promise it will be lots of fun! 

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