Year 6

Mr Robertshaw


Welcome to Ash class in Year 6! It's your final year at Burnopfield Primary and we've so much to look forward to.


We have all sorts of exciting activities planned to make your final year at Burnopfield one to remember for all the right reasons. From topics to trips you will be immersed in a range of learning to provoke thought and inspire you to continue your learning long after you leave Burnopfield.

Year 6 can be challenging at times but with the right attitude you will all be amazing and achieve to the best of your ability! All I ask you to bring with you is a smile, a positive attitude and your growth mindset to keep persevering if things get tough!

I'm Mr Robertshaw the class teacher and maths lead in school so I obviously love everything maths and everything mathematical. But there are a few things you might not know. I have been teaching now for 10 years in 5 different schools. And started my teaching career as a teaching assistant when I finished university but have actually worked in schools for 15 years doing many different jobs- sports coaching was my first job in a school.

Outside of school I play cricket in the summer which has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve played since I was 6 years old!

I also like running – taking part in races of different distances, from 5 kilometer parkruns for fun all the way up to a marathon once!
I love to travel. I’ve been very lucky in my life being fortunate enough to go all over the world for cricket  and on holidays. I love seeing other countries and visiting other cultures. But one of my favourite places to go is in our own country - The Lake District. Where I visit every year to walk the mountains and relax in the peace of one of the most beautiful parts of our country.


Thanks for taking time to read this and I hope we have the best year possible!


Mr Robertshaw

Mrs Marley

I am Mrs Marley and I am the teacher of Year 6 Apple Class.

One thing you will learn about me quickly is that I love books and reading. I read every day and like all sorts of books including adult and children’s books, adventure, fantasy, funny, mystery and sometimes scary books. My favourite children’s books are the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, the Cogheart books by Peter Bunzl and Matilda by Roald Dahl. In my class you can expect to hear lots of talk about books I have read and you will be able to borrow books from my own collection. I love nothing more than recommending and discussing books that I have enjoyed. Some of you have already worked out that I can be easily distracted talking about books! We will be reading every day in class from the book we use for Guided Reading and English lessons to poems, short stories, information books and novels in our DEAR sessions at the end of each day.

I have two sons of my own, who are 12 and 15, and a gorgeous 3-year-old dog called Poppy. I love going for long walks with them and exploring where I live and new places. From woods or the countryside, to riverbanks or beaches, every weekend we go on a new adventure in the great outdoors.

I’ve been a teacher for 22 years now and a lot of that time has been in Year 6.

In Year 6, you can look forward to being the oldest pupils in the school and setting an exemplary example to the younger children, who will really look up to you. You will have a memorable and rewarding time in Year 6. You will learn lots of new things and become ready to move on to secondary school by the end of the year. We want you to become confident, successful and responsible young people and build the skills and knowledge you need to face your future.​

​In Year 6 we enjoy learning all sorts of new things including all about World War 2, the River Tyne and the environment and develop independence, resilience and determination. Some of you may be feeling nervous about Year 6, but I know that you will rise to the challenge, use your growth mindset and work to the best of your ability. If you believe in yourselves and never give up, there is nothing you can’t achieve.