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Year 2

In Year 2 the children get to cover a whole range of exciting topics. 


In autumn term we will be learning about basic sentence structures and will be building on the children’s vocabulary. Each sequence of lessons will be based around class texts. From the beautiful picture book “The Barnabus Project" to the entertaining “Cockadoodle do Mr Sultana”. We will look at a range of poems and non fiction texts based around adventure, one of our curriculum drivers, such as Recipe to make a Wolf and Today I saw a little worm. 


In maths we will be building on the children's understanding of numbers, especially of numbers up to 100. We will consolidate number bonds and secure mental methods to ensure quick recall and application to a range of contexts. We will look at addition and subtraction methods using a range of concrete and pictorial representation which we will then apply to money. Finally, we will look at multiplication and division working on counting in twos, threes fives and tens. 



We get some exciting science projects in the autumn term. First we look at living things and their habitats. We then get to apply this understanding to a great DT project.


We will start off by looking at how life has changed over the last 100 years. We will get to have a tour of our local area to search for clues about how things have and haven't changed over time. We will then link this to toys and how they have changed over the last 100 years.


We will take part in some modeling making links to our science and topic lessons to make our own toys using levers and pulleys. We will hopefully be visited by Technology Tom to help us refine our designs!



In RE we will look at Christianity and how the Bible is important to Christians around the world. We will also look at the story of St Cuthbert and enjoy celebrations at Christmas.



We will be using a range of computing skills ranging from online safety to learning how to store files safely. We will also be looking at photography in these lessons.



In music we will look at different notations and learn about how changes in music can affect the listening experience.


Our first artist is Picasso which will give the children lots of opportunities to develop their creative thinking skills and artistic flair using sculptures, collage and painting.



In PE children will be learning about basic skill of movement and applying these to team games. They will also be taking part in gymnastics learning about sequences and different movements.

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