Year 3

Miss Alsop

Hi, I’m Miss Alsop, and I am one of the Year 3 teachers. 


Year 3 is full of fantastic topics! We start by investigating the history and geography of our neighbouring town, Consett! As the year continues we’ll also be looking at the Roman invasion. Did you know that there are over 55,000 miles of roads in the UK built by the Romans? We also take an in depth look at plants and try growing our own!


Let me tell you about myself. I like running and baking - I bake a lot which means I have to run more than I’d like! I love to bake as much as possible in class, too, so get ready for some sweet treats! I have two cats called Titus and Pullo, who I’ll be sure to tell you all about as they are often getting into mischief!


Year 3 is a fantastic year! We have break time and lunchtime in the Lower Key Stage 2 year with the new MUGA! I am also very lucky to have such a huge classroom, complete with its own reading area and new computing hub filled with touchscreen ChromeBooks.


Miss Alsop

Mrs Matthews

Hello I am Mrs. Matthews and this year I am going to be your class teacher and we will have Mrs Heseltine with us on a morning. 

I have been teaching at Burnopfield Primary School since 2005 and this is my first year teaching in KS2. I started my teaching career teaching Year 2 and I cannot wait to share the experiences we are going to have in Year 3.

I am a qualified Zumba instructor and in February 2020 I completed some more training and are now a qualified Zumba Kids instructor too. In my spare time I still like to take part in classes and have begun teaching my own classes near to where I live.

I like to spend time walking in the countryside or visiting beaches with my family and our 2 dogs Rosie and Skye. Over the summer holidays we have added a little kitten called Kit to the family and it has been great to see how the dogs have adapted to her.