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Year 3


In English the children will be focusing on sentence structure, building on using a wide range of vocabulary in their own writing and using basic editing skills to improve what they have written. All of our English lessons will be focussed around a class text and this year the books will be The Creakers in the autumn term, The Boy Who Grew Dragons in the spring term, and Sam Woo Is Not Afraid of Ghosts in the summer term.


We will also be using a range of non fiction texts and poems to help develop the children’s skills across different genres.



In maths we will be exploring 3 digit numbers as well as using the written methods for all 4 calculation types. We will start to multiply and divide 2 digit numbers crossing 100 as well as having remainders. In year 3 we will also expand our knowledge of time, money and fractions in the spring and summer terms. 



Throughout the year we will be looking at a range of topics in science and will be looking at a variety of inspirational scientists.

In the autumn term our focus will be animals and light.

The spring topic will focus on Forces and Magnets then rocks.

The summer topic is plants.



The topics for this year will have the children exploring a wide range of events that have happened in the past and how they have impacted our lives today. We will also focus on the local environment and how that has changed over time. The children will also have the opportunity to use maps to help locate places and make comparisons between different countries. The topics we will be looking at are Cool Consett, Tribal Kingdoms, What makes the North East Stand Out? and The Rocking Romans.



Throughout the year the children will have the experience of being able to plan, make and evaluate a range of products including their very own museum and jewellery. They will experience measuring, cutting and assembling parts as well as evaluating their finished product.



In RE the children will explore a range of different faiths, discussing what makes them important and the different rituals/festivals they celebrate.



We will be using a range of computing skills ranging from online safety to learning how to store files safely. 



Our first music topic this year will be based on the song ‘Let your spirit fly’ which is a R&B childrens song. We will also be exploring other songs from this genre incorporating singing as well as playing instruments. 



Our first artist is Jim Edwards. ​Jim Edwards is best known for his depictions of iconic buildings and bridges of the North East. His work falls into two gen...res, contemporary cityscapes and abstract paintings inspired by manmade forms and buildings. We also look at Banksy and South African Art.



In PE we will be taking part in gymnastics learning about sequences and different movements. We will also be looking at dance building on our movement skills to move coordination and accuracy in a variety of contexts and situations. Tag Rugby and swimming

Children should have their school PE kit in school at all times, please include a hoodie/sweatshirt in case we go outside. 



This year the children will cover a number of topics including: How to say hello, what’s your name, how old are you and asking questions about family. 



Homework will be given out on a Monday and due in the following Monday. This will be a Maths and English focus. In addition, a weekly spelling list will go out with the Friday Letter.


Reading Records

Reading Records will be sent home every night. Please sign them when you have heard your child read. It is lovely to see what they have been reading at home!

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