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School Uniform

Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 wear a royal blue sweatshirt, with a white polo shirt and grey trousers or skirt.

Nursery pupils wear a red sweatshirt, with a white polo shirt and grey trousers or skirt.


Children are to wear black flat shoes. If trainers are worn these must be black.  A pair of wellies should be provided for every child to keep in school to enable them to access all areas of the school grounds in all weathers.

Physical Education

Please see that your child has a pair of plimsolls, slip-ons if possible, blue or black shorts with a white school P.E. t-shirt and a shoe bag in which these items are kept.

Trainers may be worn for games lessons if they are different from the shoes your child came to school in. In many indoor lessons, children who do not have plimsolls will do P.E. in bare feet. In gymnastics lessons, all children will do P.E. in bare feet.

Additional clothing (e.g. a sweat shirt for outdoor P.E.) may occasionally be requested in advance by the class teacher.


Children are encouraged not to bring expensive watches to school.

Following the guidance from the Local Authority, earrings should not be worn as they could prove dangerous in P.E., games or during play. Other jewellery is not allowed for safety reasons.


Hairstyle and colour should be suitable for school. Hair must be natural hair tones in colour. Suitability will be at the discretion of the school.

Mobile Phones

Children are not permitted a mobile phone in school. If a parent requests that their child should carry a mobile phone to and from school then during the day it must be handed to the class teacher.

How To Order

Basic uniform can be bought from any supplier.

Badged uniform including book bags and P.E bags should be ordered directly from Border Embroideries

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