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Personal Development

 What are the different elements of personal development at Burnopfield PrimarySchool?

In 2019 we introduced RSHE to Burnopfield. In October 2021 we reviewed our RSHE policy and curriculum  in line with updated statutory DfE guidance. As part of this process we sent an outline of our suggested curriculum to all parents for information and approval. Although this area of learning is titled  ‘Relationships, Sex and Health Education,’ the main focus in primary schools is on healthy and respectful relationships and families and friendships in a range of contexts. This is taught at an age-appropriate level and promotes values of  inclusion and tolerance. This is a compulsory subject and must be taught. (DfE 2019)

Our RSHE plans for each year group are available on our website and include statutory teaching about healthy relationships/different families. 

We consulted again with parents in Autumn 2023 

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