Nursery Transition

For those children starting in our Nursery it is a huge step, and an important part of their learning journey. Before children start with us, our Nursery staff carry out Home Visits, or one to one visits in our Nursery setting, if requested by the parents. This is the perfect opportunity for positive relationships to be established in the comfort of a quiet environment.  

Starting Nursery can be daunting for all involved. At Burnopfield Primary School, we work closely with our parents to ensure this is a smooth process through a gradual approach. These steps are often built on  in groups of approximately 6 children at a time


  • Step 1: A 1 hour introductory visit with a parent.

  • Step 2: 2 hour visit without parents. 

  • Step 3: Full 3 hour session without parents. 

Our Nursery Team will communicate timings and dates with parents during the Summer Term, and early into September. 


Wednesday 15th June 2022

Meeting for new Nursery parents at 6pm in the Infant Hall


Reception Transition

Children attend our Reception setting from a wide catchment area. Most children have previously attended our Nursery provision, but there are some who join us from other Nurseries. Our Reception staff work closely with each Nursery to obtain information about each child, we sometimes even go and visit the children in the Nursery settings during the Summer term before starting in Reception.

During the Summer Term we invite the children starting Reception to attend a taster session. Children are given the chance to explore all areas of the provision, including our Classroom, Outdoor Learning Area and Adventure Garden! Children are also invited to participate in a school taster lunch session alongside the Reception Staff and their parents. 

​Throughout June and July our Reception Team will send out information posters to parents via email to support the transition process over the Summer Holidays. These will also be uploaded to the website. Children will be sent messages from the Staff Team including photographs of themselves so they can get to know the adults in the setting. They will be given photographs of each area of the indoor and outdoor provision. This is a perfect way to get to know the environment they will soon be settled in to.


WB 6th June 2022


Reception parents receive information via email including messages and photographs from the Reception staff and a  booklet with key information.  This pack will include links to consents and contact details form for you to fill in.


Wednesday 8th June 2022


Meeting for new Reception Parents at 6pm in the Infant Hall. 


Wednesday 15th June 2022 and Wednesday 22nd June 2022


Stay and Play Sessions for Reception children


Starting Reception is a new, and very exciting, first step in a child’s school journey. At Burnopfield Primary School, we work to ensure this is a smooth and gradual process:

  • Week 1: Tuesday 6th - Friday 9th September, Reception children start school at the same time as the rest of school, staying from 9:00am to 1:30pm. 

  • Week 2: Week Beginning Monday 12th September, children attend Reception full time. 

 All of these transition experiences create an invaluable starting point where essential information can be exchanged between staff, parents and carers. If you have any further questions, or would like more information, please contact Mrs Emma Huntley (Early Years Leader) through our school office (01207 270397).

New Starters 2022