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School Day

Reception to Year 6

Nursery (15hrs)

Nursery (30hrs)

The school doors are opened at 8.45am to give children a good start to their school day. Early morning learning activities are set by the class teachers between 8.45am and 8.55am. 


Your attendance team


Mr Robertshaw - Attendance Champion

Mrs Wright- Attendance Admin 

Mrs Casey - Attendance Admin 

Mrs Brunton - Headteacher

Mrs Ferris - Pastoral support


Burnopfield’s expectation for attendance is 97%.


We want children to be in school so that they are able to learn.  Good attendance is essential to guarantee the highest possible achievement for your child and helps them learn the importance of not being late. Lateness and attendance below 97% will have a negative impact on your child’s learning.


It is your legal responsibility to enable your child to attend every day. If you allow your child to stay at home for a significant amount of time, you may face legal proceedings.


Attendance will be celebrated weekly in assemblies where certificates will be given.

Children with 100% attendance for that week will be put into a raffle for a prize. 


See our attendance policy for further information​

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When a pupil's attendance falls below 90%, they are classified as a persistent absentee, as defined by the DfE. We are in constant contact with the Local Authority and the school attendance service.  We monitor children's ongoing attendance and if concerns are identified, the Local Authority may be contacted and additional actions may be undertaken. 


We know that sometimes families find it difficult to get into school.  Let us know, as we are here to help you! 



Punctuality is crucial for effective learning and safeguarding. We expect all children to arrive on time every day, allowing for possible traffic delays by arriving early.

Lateness and non-attendance can hinder children's progress and disrupt the class. Being late can be distressing for your child and prevents them from settling into the school day with their peers.


The register will be taken at 9:00am. Arrival after this time will be marked on the register as 'L' for 'late'. If your child arrives after 8.55am then you must sign them in at the school office and give a reason for their lateness. Registers close at 9.10am and any arrival after this time may result in a 'U' mark on the register, indicating an unauthorised absence.  


What to do when your child is ill

To report your child’s illness and absence, please contact the school office on 01207270397 by 9:15 on the first day. Remember to provide the reason for the absence. This should be done until your child returns to school. In certain cases, a medical letter may be required.

When your child is unwell or has a high temperature, you should follow the regular absence procedures. There are no specific Covid procedures to follow.

The government has provided some guidance on children’s illnesses that you may find useful.

Common illnesses like coughs, colds and sore throats are prevalent in schools especially during winter. While we encourage resilience in coping with minor illnesses, if we feel your child is not well enough to attend school, we will contact you to collect them.

As part of our Safeguarding duty, we may conduct home visits if you have not informed us of your child’s absence.

If we determine that the reason for your child’s absence is not authorised, we may mark the absence as unauthorised. Any recurring absence patterns such as Mondays, Fridays or birthdays will be closely examined and school may involve the local authority if necessary.


Unauthorised absence

Appointments in school time

  • Only hospital appointments are allowed during the school day but it is encouraged to book them before or after school if possible.

  • Where possible, dental and routine doctors’ appointments should be made outside of school hours or during the school holidays.

Holidays in term time

  • Taking holidays during term time is not permitted and will be considered an unauthorised absence.

  • The school is closed for 13 weeks each year, providing ample opportunity for holidays. Any term-time holiday will be followed up by our attendance team and the local authority and a fine may be issued.

  • For any absence during term time, a Request for Absence form must be completed and returned to the school office.

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