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Golden Rules

We promote a friendly, happy and caring atmosphere within the school. The children are encouraged to develop self-discipline and to show respect for others and their property. The school has a precise management of behaviour policy based on Rights and Responsibilities and Golden Rules.


  • To be safe

  • To be happy

  • To learn

  • To be valued


  • To arrive to school on time

  • To dress appropriately in school uniform

  • To come prepared for the day

  • To follow the Golden Rules

Golden Rules

  • Follow instructions the first time

  • Keep hands and feet and objects to yourself

  • Speak to everyone with respect

  • Let everyone learn


  • The Look

  • Verbal Warning

  • Strike System

  • Time out in own class

  • Time out in another class


  • Star Stamper

  • Stickers

  • Positive Text Home

  • Head Teacher Award

  • Golden Time


Parents are asked to contact the school should they suspect any form of physical or mental abuse to toward their child.

Bullying will not be tolerated in any form.

The school was given Anti-Bullying Accreditation by the Local Authority in summer of 2011.

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